Situated in the heart of School District 66 at 87th & Pacific, Countryside Village is truly a "small town in the city." Originally established in 1953, Countryside Village has prospered over the years. Many of its 30 tenants have experienced thriving businesses for several decades - the majority of the center's retailers have been enjoying Countryside's second-to-none location for more than 20 years, seven of them for over 40 years. The longevity of the merchants is testimonial to the quality of Countryside's location.

Countryside Village offers unique lease opportunities. Advantages to space at Countryside Village include:

High Income Area: located in the center of the highest income area in Omaha within a circle of three miles around 87th & Pacific.
Good Tenant Mix: one of almost every type of shop - Arts and Interiors, Gourmet Food and Dining, Fashion and Jewelry, as well as many Specialty Shops and Services.
Convenience: easily accessible with main entrances at all four corners. Parking is convenient with "in-out" type of traffic. A customer can park and, within half a block, shop for all of the necessities and most luxury items.
Atmosphere: based on friendly personal service, with a comfortable, small town atmosphere where many customers are known by their first names. Customers feel comfortable whether they are dressed formally or casually.
Cooperative Merchants Association: merchants and employees have fun working together to create various promotions. There are traditional promotions, such as the June Art Fair, two sidewalk sales per year, and our Holiday Open House just before Thanksgiving. We offer joint World Herald newspaper and TV advertising, a Countryside Village jingle, and radio packages.
No Common Area Maintenance Charge: no charge for common area maintenance, which is in contrast to what you will find with most shopping centers.

True to our personal and friendly service attitude, if you are interested in lease opportunities we would be happy to speak with you personally - we don't require that you fill out a website form and email it to us. Call the management office at 402-391-2200 or simply email us with your contact information. If you call and get our voice mail, we apologize - please leave a message and we'll get right back to you (we are frequently on location).

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